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Skyward Telecom (BDC Cable Limited) founded in 2010 ,It serves the transmission and storage of big data, and its products are widely used in Ethernet, data center, cloud computing, high data computer cluster, smart home and other big data transmission fields.
Skyward Telecom (BDC Cable Limited) offers one-stop Datacenter solution and products, including Serial Attached SCSI cables, Direct Attach Copper cables and Active Optical cables and Nokia/ Ericsson Cables . As a commitment to offering high-quality, reliable and customized products, Skyward Telecom (BDC Cable Limited) develops and tests new products to meet the growing Data Centers and High Performance Computing market needs.
We guarantee only premium materials and quality engineering are used in the designing and manufacturing for the fiber and cooper products of Skyward Telecom (BDC Cable Limited) and the whole production process are under the highest quality control.


Senior foreign-funded enterprise high-speed cable design team; Machinery, electronics, communication, processing technology and product application are all handled by professionals.


The process quality is stable. The company strictly complies with the ISO quality management system and fully complies with international agreements and standards such as SFF, INFINIBAND, SAS, IEEE, etc.

Response Speed

From order release - production scheduling - production - quality inspection - delivery, all departments react and cooperate quickly. Production and delivery are all after-sales services with rapid response. If the product has quality problems, the technical department will fully cooperate with the customer, deal with the product problems in a timely manner, and provide solutions as soon as possible.
After more than 10 years of continuous development and accumulation, we have formed a mature service system, which can provide efficient business solutions to customers in time, meet their needs and provide better after-sales service. We wholeheartedly serve every customer with the concept of quality first and service first. It is our consistent goal to solve problems in time, and we will always be your trustworthy and enthusiastic partner.

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